Close Encounters of My Third Child

My wonderful, sweet daughter ~ she’s been in my life for 3 years now and she continues to amaze me. She loves horses, dolphins, piano-playing and her favorite colors are pink, yellow, and purple. She adores her 2 older brothers, who dote on her. She’s taught me so much and also helped me unlearn so much. She’s taught me about what’s important and what to let go. She’s taught me more about going with the flow. She’s also given me courage and helped me embrace myself in a whole new way.

Did I mention that she hasn’t been born yet? She’ll be here in approximately 2-3 more weeks and I can’t wait to hold this amazing being in my arms and look into her eyes (that are either going to be blue, green, or a combination of both).

Perhaps you’re wondering how I know so much about her since she’s still gestating. It’s simple ~ she told me.

My self-named daughter, Lilah Skye, has been coming to me since my second son, Roan, was 4 months old. She comes to me in intuitions and visions, but mostly she comes to me in dreams. It’s been like this with all my children ~ they come to me in dreams telling me what gender they are, what they look like, and what their names are. And perhaps because I was so open to this type of communication with my first two children, Lilah decided to tell me a little more about herself ~ which I have enjoyed thoroughly.

At nine months pregnant, you can imagine how many people have asked me if I know what I’m having. From the very beginning I’ve always said “it’s a girl” and it’s always assumed that this was confirmed by ultrasound. When I tell them otherwise, some are skeptical (just goes to show that it’s normal to trust machines before trusting intuition).

So I started elaborating my response, telling them about my prebirth dreams with my boys and how those turned out to be accurate ~ and surprisingly, this was always met with surprise and excitement. It engaged me in conversation and I always left these conversations pleased that I was planting the seeds of pre-birth communication.

“What if she turns out to be a boy?” I’ve also been asked many times. Frankly, I can’t even entertain the thought, it just doesn’t feel right ~ and this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. They’re uncomfortable with my certainty thinking that I’m setting myself for a major disappointment because I “want a girl so badly”. But the truth is I don’t want a girl so badly, I want Lilah~who has been coming to me for over 3 years now and feel I already have a relationship with.

Are there times I’m uncertain? Sure, but those moments don’t last very long. I look at my 2 boys and all that they’ve taught me ~ and that is to trust my intuition and to trust my children.

I believe in you, Lilah Skye, and I can’t wait to meet you very, very soon.


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