It’s TIME!


ANNOUNCEMENT: The winners of the Spirit Baby Readings are Whitney, Lesley, Sarah, Samantha, and Meredith! Congrats! ♥

The night before  my first son was born I had a dream that simply showed me the newspaper headline: “IT’S TIME!” And that’s what I keep hearing in regards to prebirth communication, Spirit Baby Readings and Love From Baby as a whole ~ IT’S TIME! The Spirit Baby Realm is very insistent that NOW is the time to connect with their Mamas…so that’s why you’re here. Your Spirit Baby wants to talk to you!

Sign up for my blog (and like my Facebook page) and you may win a Spirit Baby Reading. I’m giving away 5 readings to 5 subscribers (I was going to give away only 3, but your Spirit Baby up the ante!)

View my short video below, peruse the site,  and WELCOME, Dear Sister, to the magical world of prebirth communication! ♥