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This is the prebirth story of my first son, written in 2006 and published in many on-line venues as well as the magazine “The Mother“. My second child was born in 2008 and was indeed a boy ~ exactly the little soul I was expecting.

6 months pregnant


My second child hasn’t been conceived yet, but I already know that he is a boy and I know what name he’d like to be called. Am I psychic? No, I’m no John Edward. What I am is open. My mind is open, my heart is open, and I’ve learned to trust little intuitions that just might be another soul communicating with me.

How did I become so open? My first son taught me – and he taught me well. It took me three pregnancies to bear my first son, and each experience opened me up emotionally, mentally, and yes, psychically. From my first pregnancy to my third I went from being entrenched in the medical model of Western influence, to birthing my son all by myself at home with just my husband present.

Miscarriages and all, it happened exactly the way it was supposed to with my son orchestrating it all from another realm. He made sure conditions were just right for his birth, and he talked me through the whole thing. He let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he didn’t want a doctor or even a midwife at his birth. He also quite vividly told me the steps to take to achieve an unassisted homebirth. He filled me in on his gender and even the name he’d like to be called. The name he chose, ChristoFinn, is certainly one I’d never heard before nor would have had the creativity to make up!

How did we develop such a communication? It was there already, all I had to do was listen. There were many different signs and clues that Finn (his chosen nickname) was talking with me – some big and impossible to ignore, and some more subtle. Sometimes I would have very vivid dreams that held obvious messages. Through dreams I learned that he had reddish-blond hair, blue-eyes and was impish looking (all proved to be true). The night I learned his name I’d gone to bed asking him “Baby, what would you like to be called when you come earth-side?” He very clearly whispered “ChristoFinn, ChristoFinn, ChristoFinn” over and over in my ear while I saw the name written on a chalkboard that also said “Finn for short” in parentheses. It was so vivid it woke me up!

My husband also had dreams about Finn and communicated with him every night before bed. Sometimes in the early morning I would wake to feel my husband’s hand on my belly only to learn later that he was having a conversation with our baby. It was through dreams and these conversations that Finn also convinced my reluctant husband that unassisted homebirth would be the best way for him to be born.

Other communications came from intuitions, feelings, chills, or sometimes a voice whispered inside my head. I would set aside a time to do gentle yoga and then meditate with my babe at least four times a week. During these meditations is when I would receive many messages in the form of chills (though it was actually like warm tinglings) about the baby’s personality, wishes of his birth, and even the position he was in.

I also kept a journal throughout my pregnancy where I felt we kept up a steady stream of conversation. He would give me what I lovingly called “assignments” — most of which had to deal with gearing myself up for his birth, such as writing my fears or my wishes down, drawing birth pictures, and doing visualizations.

The more we communicated the easier it was to hear his messages. Sometimes I’d silently ask him questions and he would kick in response. One time I took him to a music store to pick out a CD. I put earphones on and listened to many CD’s and he made it obvious the one he wanted by dancing in my belly. Even now, 20 months later, this CD has the power to make him stop everything and dance.

By the time Finn was born I felt like we already knew each other very well. His birth went exactly the way I’d envisioned and (I believe) exactly the way he wanted. It was a magical time for the three of us.

Pre-birth communication, I’ve learned, is not just limited to birth parents. I’ve also heard of adoptive mothers receiving messages from their babies across the ocean. My friend, Kimberly, who has been waiting 18 months for her little China girl clearly receives messages and gifts from her. Their bonding has already started even before they are physically together.

According to Elisabeth Hallet, author of “Stories of the Unborn Soul,” adoption stories (regarding pre-birth communication) are particularly meaningful because they demonstrate that soul connections transcend biological relationships. Whether coming by birth or adoption, the soul communicates in much the same way. (1) Many people talk of prenatal bonding and how important it is to communicate with their unborn children, but mostly the recommendations are to read or to play music to your child. Those types of communication, though certainly valid, are only one-sided. You’re talking to your baby, not with him or her. In my opinion the most important part of prenatal bonding is LISTENING to what your child has to say. Our babies ARE communicating with us, loud and clear. All we need to do is listen and believe. What a wonderful journey finding out what these magical souls have to say!

No one can tell you how to best communicate with your unborn child. You can communicate with your child better than anyone. Your baby will let you know the best way to be open to his or her messages and chances are you’ll hear from him or her when you least expect it.

According to Ms. Hallet, about half of all communication experiences occur in altered states such as dreams, meditations, or deep relaxation. Whether in pregnancy or before conception, people have felt the soul presence of their child while receiving massage, taking a shower, walking in nature, or washing dishes. (2) My friend, Karen, learned her unborn baby’s name while driving her car home from a long trip. Out of the blue the name simply popped into her head. It was a name neither she nor her husband had even considered, and she knew immediately it was a message from her child.

I have been so moved by my experiences that I feel compelled to share my story with whoever will listen. My prenatal conversations with Finn were an important beginning to our postnatal relationship. Because I listened to him so intently while he was in my belly, he already knew that he could trust me to listen to him as a baby. Our mutual respect was already there, and most likely one of the reasons he was such a happy, joyful little baby.

Our telepathic communication has extended well into his toddler-hood. It’s amazing to me how he can pick up on my thoughts and mirror my emotions. He’s become my most enlightened teacher.

Because of my trust in this type of communication, a second soul came to me in a dream, shortly after Finn was born, letting me clearly know that he will be a part of our family in the future. Though I’ve asked my second child to wait a couple of years it’s wonderful knowing that I already have a relationship with the next little magical soul. I can’t wait see what the newest son will have to teach me.

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    Hello i had a dream last night I was at a baby shower my boyfriend and I were sitting in different chairs but we were slanted so we could see each other. His daughter was sitting on my leg and we were looking at her as if we were admiring her.


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