The next wave of the Divine Mother Activation begins TODAY!

What some of your Sisters have said about their participation in the Divine Mother Activation:

“Thank you so much for this activation. I have already experienced some big shifts. The first time I listened to the activation was very powerful. I cried and experienced so much release. I understood in my heart that I really didn’t need to carry my burden any more and it was really possible to leave it to the Divine Mother and walk free. Why nobody has told me this before!”  ~ Heli

“Dear Kate, First of all, thank you! I am so blown away by everything! I can’t even begin to tell you all the signs, revelations I’ve been having… there has been so many! It has all come together, and it makes so much sense it makes me want to cry! And I have been!”   ~ Agne

“I was finally able to find time to myself yesterday to watch the introduction video. I laughed, I cried, my heart chakra swelled and at one point I felt energy shoot from my crown chakra, through my body and out my feet.”   ~ Jeannine
“I’m in JOY to be here. I’m deep in my womb power right now.”  ~Kayla
“Wow. I resonated with your Day 14 video so much. It is so true for me. Thank u so much Kate. This series is helping me so much I can’t even tell u. And really ALL of your videos resonate with me, even the ones outside of this series. It really does blow me away.”  Chantel

I just finished day 30 of the DMA and my heart feels like it’s bursting open! These last 30 days have taken me to an even higher understanding of the Divine and has brought me closer to Her than I’ve EVER been. I’ve never trusted Her more than I do right now and I’ve never so easily (and quite happily!) surrendered to Her than in this very moment.
I feel like I’ve levelled up these past 30 days more than I have in the last five years combined. Kate, thank you. Thank you for doing this, for loving us and for helping us navigate through all of this! You’re an amazing teacher and guide and I’m forever thankful that I’ve found you!!! So much love! ~ Barby


The DMA, or the “Divine Mother Activation,” is truly the pinnacle of your spiritual journey…or let me say it’s the END of your spiritual journey. (YES, Sisters, contrary to popular belief, there IS an end!) This 30 day program is ONLY for the advanced initiate, who is fully ready and willing to step into a BRAND NEW LIFE, leaving behind all the struggles, challenges, and miscreations of the past.

This is for my Dear Sisters who have been trying to conceive for a while and know they can’t take one more step in the same direction. It’s also for those that have had other challenges on the way to Motherhood and are looking for better answers (and perhaps some miracles). If you’re on the verge of a breakdown, the Divine Mother Activation is your breakthrough. It will change not only your trying to conceive experience and spiritual journey, but your whole life.

This program includes:  A one-hour video called Prepping for your Divine Transformation, a 20 minute activation/meditation (to be done daily or semi-daily) and 30 days of emails (many include short videos), as well as a discussion page with full access to me and your other sisters. There are other surprises in store which you’ll discover along the way as well.

Dear Sister, this is TRULY what it’s all about.

The one prerequisite BEFORE signing up is reading my book, for full understanding:

* “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know,” book  

The Divine Mother Activation : $44.00

Note: The DMA is currently closed for the March/April timeline. Check back for dates or email me at to be put on a list for the next wave.


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When a Reading Feels Wrong…

Dear Sisters,

I’ve been hearing from a lot of women lately who have had information or readings given to them from energy healers or intuitives that just feels WRONG. And when I say “wrong,” I mean that the information is making them feel limited, sad, fearful, or just plain bad. They’re walking away from these experiences feeling worse than when they walked in.

I’m familiar with this as I’ve experienced it myself. And that was the day I realized that my own vision had become farther reaching than my trusted intuitive. We should never allow ourselves to let anyone else (no matter what their gifts may be) to make us feel limited.

When Sisters come to my site, they’re often introduced to many new concepts that many others are just not aware of yet. This is wonderful because it means you’re ready to step into the TRUTH of who you REALLY are, and life is really never the same from there. The bad news is, it can be a lot harder to find an intuitive who’s on the same Divine Timeline you’re on and readings will often just not resonate. But that’s OKAY. When you leave a reading feeling bad, it’s an indication that you don’t need anyone else to point out the TRUTH to you. You’re becoming your OWN intuitive. It’s an amazing opportunity (if you let it be) for EXPANSION.

The last reading I had…I said to myself “Nope. That is NOT my truth. I choose to see HIGHER.” And I never looked back.

Of course, it can still be REALLY nice to have validation of where you are in your journey, so if you choose to have an intuitive reading, ask them if they are aware of 5D and the higher dimensions. Ideally, that intuitive will have a very close relationship with the Divine (because that’s where the truth REALLY becomes miraculous). Don’t accept any intuitive simply because they have the gift of sight. Even inner sight can be extremely limited.

The best thing to do is walk into an intuitive reading with your own wisdom and a sense of adventure. Keep what feels good and toss out what feels bad. If it feels awesome, align with it. If it feels like crap, it’s NOT your TRUTH.

I’m sharing a video blog I did on this topic last year called “Why Getting a Reading in a Higher Vibration Can Be Tricky.”

It’s especially relevant to SO many who are on this site now, as your vision AND your Truth is starting to expand in leaps and bounds.

I love you Sisters.

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