Spirit Baby Wisdom on Self-Love

Dear Sisters, The most important theme I get time and time again when communicating with the Spirit Baby Realm is the message of SELF LOVE. Every single Spirit Baby wants their Mamas to learn to LOVE themselves more. It is only when we can love ourselves unconditionally that we can truly love another unconditionally ~ and this is why it’s such an important topic for the Spirit Babies. Our Spirit Babies REQUIRE unconditional love so they can fully live their true purpose. Indeed the New Earth is being built with unconditional love…and it HAS to begin with the self first.

When we TRULY unconditionally love ourselves:

* We won’t settle for relationships that are anything less than extraordinary.

* We will know that we are always provided for and we always have exactly what we need when we need it.

* We won’t judge others for their choices or decisions…and we won’t judge ourselves either.

* We will no longer feel guilt or regret or worry that we are “doing it wrong.”

* We will FINALLY be able to create the life we TRULY desire.

And of course there are many, many more benefits and freedoms that come with self-love.

It is because of this pervasive theme that I’m releasing the newest reading, “Spirit Baby Wisdom on Self-Love.” There seems to be an urgency that we wake up to self-love, so that we can truly become the MAGNIFICENT BEINGS we came here to be, and so we can support these newest MAGNIFICENT beings coming in…our Spirit Babies.

With LOVE,

♥ Kate


Find the Self-Love videos in the Awakening Series. 

The Most Awesomest Spirit Baby Blog Posts


Dear Sisters,

My blog is awesome if I do say so myself, but it spans over many years and therefore is a little jumbled up and messy. Since I don’t want you to miss out on the bestest, juiciest, and most informative (and free) posts, I’m assembling all the most read ones here on this page.

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For more detailed info on all Spirit Baby topics, there is a large array of $25 Spirit Baby Readings to choose from and also the option of a $225 Personal In-Depth Spirit Baby Reading. All readings can be found on this page.

Now, without further ado, I bring to you the most awesomest Spirit Baby blog posts!

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Stay tuned for more very soon, Dear Sister! ♥




Spirit Baby Wisdom on Abortion

Dear Sisters, I just completed a new Spirit Baby Video on Abortion. This one is long over-due and VERY MUCH needed. And it’s the most beautiful perspective you’ll ever hear about abortion, straight from the mouth of the Spirit Baby Realm.

A topic that is fraught with emotion, judgment, guilt, and sometimes regret, the Spirit Babies want to ease the hearts of those that are either contemplating abortion or have had an abortion in the past.

Like all experiences of loss, abortion can act as a catalyst and a heart-opener. Just because this is a loss that includes choice, does not make it any easier. In fact, in some ways abortion can be among the toughest kind of loss because it also involves so much guilt and regret.

In this newest video, the Spirit Babies will ease your mind and your conscience. They will tell you how this can actually be a wonderful opportunity if you are open to it. So if you’re contemplating abortion or have unresolved feelings about an abortion you’ve had in the past, this video will open your heart to the gifts that are being offered to you right now.

Spirit Baby Wisdom on Abortion $25