New Earth Mama Membership!

Dear Sisters ~ Here’s more support and energy updates as you fulfill your role as a New Earth Mama. I’ll be doing a monthly video with energetic updates from the Spirit Baby realm as well as answering up to 5 questions a month. It’s $25 a month and I do believe it will be AWESOME. Watch the vid for more info. If you KNOW this is for you and you have a question you’d like answered in the first video, post it in the comments or email me at I’m taking questions NOW for the first installment. ♥

In-Depth Symptoms of Lightbody Transformation (Physical and Emotional)

Hello Sisters! Here’s the long-awaited video I promised that covers many of the physical and emotional symptoms that we may experience as we transform into our higher vibrating Lightbodies. At the end I answer a question dealing with our changing karma with our Spirit Babies as we evolve into a higher frequency.

Purchase for $25.00

When We’re Feeling Disconnected from Our Spirit Babies….

Today’s post is generously brought to us by donation from our fellow Sister, Barby, and her Spirit Baby ~ thank you, Barby, for your donation, your question and making this day magical for me too. Sisters, I’m really excited to bring you this info. If you’ve been feeling disconnected in any way lately, learn why you should be celebrating. ♥