New Happenins’ at Love From Baby

Quick updates about:

* The New Earth Mama Membership which is now OPEN.

* The NEW FAQ section with so much awesome info.

* Love Notes from Baby are back!

Check me out to learn more….



New Earth Mama Membership!

Dear Sisters ~ Here’s more support and energy updates as you fulfill your role as a New Earth Mama. I’ll be doing a monthly video with energetic updates from the Spirit Baby realm as well as answering up to 5 questions a month. It’s $25 a month and I do believe it will be AWESOME. Watch the vid for more info. If you KNOW this is for you and you have a question you’d like answered in the first video, post it in the comments or email me at I’m taking questions NOW for the first installment. ♥

In-Depth Symptoms of Lightbody Transformation (Physical and Emotional)

Hello Sisters! Here’s the long-awaited video I promised that covers many of the physical and emotional symptoms that we may experience as we transform into our higher vibrating Lightbodies. At the end I answer a question dealing with our changing karma with our Spirit Babies as we evolve into a higher frequency.

Purchase for $25.00