Expanding Into Our Multi-Dimensional Selves

This is an urgent message for only some of you that contains specialized information and instructions on how we can step into our FULL expression of ourselves, which will not only help us expand into our multi-dimensional selves, it will also help us bring in the BIG energy of these Spirit Babies that are knocking on our doors and asking to be born. Join me, Pioneering Sisters, in making the IMPOSSIBLE possible. Click here to purchase this video – it’s just $11.11.

Changes to Love From Baby and a Special Invitation

Dear Sisters ~ I’m back after a couple months of hiatus with a new role. Watch the video to learn about the changes to Love From Baby:

And the following is a special invitation for those who are ready to invite their Spirit Babies to manifest in their physical lives.  This video is not for everyone, which is why there is a cost to it. It contains very specialized information for those who have, in a sense, “graduated” and are stepping into a new level of mastery and magnificence (which just happens to include their Spirit Babies).  With the purchase of the following video, you are also invited to energetically participate in a very special event on Thursday, July 17th (you don’t need to do anything or go anywhere, just send me an email). This July 17th event is something I felt called to put together for reasons I don’t even understand ~ which is why I trust it and why I know it will be powerful. We will be inviting forth the energy that will help physically manifest our Lightbodies AND our Spirit Babies, as well as getting into the frequency where we ALLOW and EMBRACE our magnificence. (Oh yeah….) If you’re feeling a “HELL YES!” vibe to this, then click on the link below and meet me at our graduation par-tay, Fellow Pioneering Sister!

Click here to purchase ($25)


What does LIMITLESSNESS look like?

I’m always talking about limitlessness ~ as that is the energy of the Spirit Baby Realm and also the energy that is beckoning to us right now. But what does it look like? In this video I give you a personal glimpse of the limitless energy I experienced in the past and am now beginning to experience again….

(The info at about 14:55 will REALLY interest those of you who’ve been TTC for awhile….)



If you want to learn more about how to step into your own LIMITLESSNESS, check out the “Working with the New Energy” Reading. ♥