higher dimensional parenting

2014 and The Role of the Spirit Babies and YOU

It has become very clear to me in recent weeks what the roles are of the Spirit Babies AND the Mamas who find me. If you’re on this site I’m talking to you. Watch video to find out what you are supposed to being doing in 2014.

Upgrading Our Relationships


Relationships with our partners are coming under strain recently. This strain is actually an indication that the old ways are not serving us anymore. We are being asked to UPGRADE, not for just our sake but for the sake of the New Children and Spirit Babies. If you are viewing this, then part of your role in this lifetime is that of a Higher Dimensional Parent. It’s time to bust out of our old ways and access the limitlessness that awaits us AND our most sacred partnerships so we can raise the New World. ♥


Spirit Baby Wisdom: Stop seeking, start experiencing!

This info may only resonate for a few of us. For those of us who it doesn’t, though, I have a feeling it will very, very soon.

And if you want to learn more about how to navigate this New Energy, check out the “Working with the New Energy” Reading which addresses nutrition concerns, the Law of Attraction and more…

Much LOVE, Dear Sisters. ♥