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Spirit Baby Wisdom: Your Weakness is Your Greatest Strength

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Video blog: Believing In The Impossible

Awakening Series: Self Love Part 1 and Self Love Part 2

FAQ: Reader Questions

Hello Sisters! This video answers some questions from awesome Mamas who read my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know.”  I answer questions about karma, repeating c-sections, and which parents are giving birth to high vibrational babies. ♥

Our Spirit Baby Book is READY!


Dear Sister! In all the years I’ve been doing spirit baby work, and with all the BEAUTIFUL information I’ve ever put out there, I’ve NEVER been more excited about anything than THIS BOOK!

I entitled this blog post “Our Spirit Baby Book” because it truly is. I thought I was writing a gift to all prospective mamas who would read it, but I received the MOST amazing gift while writing it ~ in that I became more whole and integrated with my soul, with MYSELF. That is what this book promises for YOU too.

You’ll see yourself and your life in a brand new LIGHT.

The reading of this book signifies an END to the journey of suffering, and within the pages you’ll find a NEW journey waiting for you ~ a journey of trust, belief, and amazing gifts. All with your spirit baby leading the way.

Writing this book has cemented me into the vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Reading it will put you there too.

Come join me and your spirit baby, Sister!

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