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Things Your Future Child Will Not Fall For…

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Spirit Babies coming in now are coming in fully equipped with a very potent and extremely accurate bull-shit meter.  And, many of us are starting to wake up to the fact that most of what we’ve been taught up until now has been 100% pure-grade bullshit. What do I mean by “bull-shit” specifically? Bull-shit is ANY information containing the following:

* Fear

* Limits

* Rules

* Shoulds

* Should nots

* Can’ts

* Have-to’s

Just to name a few.

ALL babies when they first come Earth-side KNOW their limitless nature. It’s only when well-meaning (and fearful) adults start telling us the ‘way things really are’, that we start to forget. In our forgetting we relinquish our limitlessness. This is the way it’s been for centuries and centuries and generations and generations. Until now. The Spirit Babies coming in NOW will be REMEMBERING more of their limitlessness. Even when fearful adults try to take it away from them, the children will KNOW the adults are wrong, blinded by their own limits. If it seems so many children are “challenging” or “different” these days, it’s because their limitless nature is bumping into (and breaking down!) the false walls of limitations. It will be a much easier ride for all of us if instead of imposing limits on our children, we instead join them and REMEMBER our own limitlessness. Indeed this is one of the most important things the Spirit Babies have to teach us. If you are on this page, reading this, it’s because you are being asked to REMEMBER your True Self. The one that knows that ANYTHING is possible and that there is NOTHING to be afraid of.

And we need to make the choice NOW to do this. The babies are ready and raring to build this New Earth. So this generation of parents (meaning you and me) have quite a learning curve to figure out our limitlessness in a very short amount of time. Luckily, the wisdom from the Spirit Babies can put us on a spiritual fast-track of realizing our own MAGNIFICENCE. And while this all sounds pretty awesome as I write this, giving up our limits can be a bit mind-boggling, to put it mildly. Our minds don’t really understand limitlessness. Our minds try to fit us into patterns and rules. Our minds try to keep us safe and protected at all times. This may have been useful before in the Old Energy. But in this New Energy, there are no rules or patterns. And in this New Energy there’s also nothing that we need to be protected from (can you take a deep breath and think about that one for minute? Imagine living in a world where we don’t have to be concerned for our safety or “protected” from harm?! Amazing!).

SO! If we take into account that there are no rules, there are no limits and there is nothing to be protected from, these are some of the things we’ve all been taught that our own children just ain’t gonna buy:

* If you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll get cavities. (Yes, I’m quite sure dentists will be searching for other employment in the New Earth.)

* Sugar is bad for you. Fat is bad for you. Artificial colors are bad for you. (Insert any food) is bad for you.

* You need to take medicine/go to the doctor/get outside help for your body.

* You need to sit in a chair all day and learn all these effin’ boring subjects to make you a “well-rounded” person. (HA! The Spirit Babies are laughing even as I type this.)

* You need to “work hard” to get into a “good college” to  get a “good job” so you can “make a lot of money.”

* You need to wear certain clothes at certain times of the year or you’ll be too hot/too cold/too something.

* We can’t “afford this”, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “you have to save,” “there’s not enough to go around.”

* Everybody gets old and dies. That’s just a part of life.

I could go on, but I’m pretty sure your mind is boggling even as we speak. Some of things written above are just common sense, right? Yes, common LIMITED sense. Most of the bullet-points above have to do with putting limits on our body or limits on how we spend our time. We can’t say we want to be limitlessness but still accept these limits. Just like you can’t be a “little pregnant” you can’t be a little “limitless.”

Some people reading might think I’m crazy (crazy is the new sane, ya’ll). Some people might be angry. Giving up old beliefs ~ especially strong-held, in-grained beliefs can be anger-inducing. I don’t take it personally.  But I suspect many others reading are intrigued ,as your own REMEMBERING is being triggered. For those of you who want more of my crazy-making-anger-inducing limitless banter, watch these videos where I talk more in-depth about the LIMITLESSNESS of these children coming in and that WE (the parents) are evolving into.

* Families of Light: What They ARE, What they are NOT.

* Eliminate this ONE Thing to have the Perfect Family RIGHT NOW.

* The Spiritual Connection with Your Child and How to Preserve It.


I love you!

~ Kate

Santa Claus Doesn’t Come Down Our Chimney….


I never told my kids about Santa. I was uncomfortable with the whole lying aspect of it ~ telling them that he comes down the chimney, puts the presents under the tree, and eats our cookies just felt icky to me. It’s not that I don’t believe in magic ~ quite the contrary. My family makes villages for the Fairies in our garden and we talk about aliens and hell, I communicate with unborn Spirit Babies! All those things we believe in. But Santa Claus coming in our house and bringing presents…well, that’s just not real!

The other aspect of the whole Santa Claus thing that always made me uncomfortable was the “naughty and nice” crap. Telling our kids they will only get presents if they act a certain way feels very wrong to me. Take that whole first stanza of the popular Christmas Carol:

“You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Telling my kids that they shouldn’t feel sad or angry or anything negative, because they’re being “watched” and they’ll be put on a “naughty list” to me sounds like a recipe for emotional repression. It also sounds to me like conditional love: “You’re only worthy of love and good things if you act the way I want.” I want my kids to know that ALL emotions are appropriate and that they’re ALWAYS worthy of love and good things no matter how they feel.

The Santa tradition also stinks strongly of conformity: “Act THIS way and good things will happen. Act THAT way and you’ll regret it.” Hmmmm….sounds like the government…and corporate America….and public school. But I digress!

My children have taught me so much, since even before they were born, and one of the things they’ve taught me is that they are not blank slates here to be molded into what I want. They came here with their own agenda, their own life purpose, their own passions and their own internal compass of what is right and wrong. Granted, I’m here to guide them when needed and to help them put a name to their feelings. But their feelings are to be trusted ~ when they’re sad, they’re sad for particular reasons. When they’re angry, frustrated, etc, it’s for particular reasons. I don’t have to try and fix those reasons but I can certainly accept and validate their feelings. I don’t even have to assure them their feelings are appropriate ~ THEY know that until we tell them otherwise. So “naughty and nice” have no place in our home.

All this being said, my kids learned about Santa from other sources ~ friends, cousins, television, and movies. And they believe all those things I never told them: he comes in our house, he puts presents under the tree, he eats our cookies. Yearly I’ve internally cringed each time they mention such things but I’ve never corrected them. Lately, however, they’ve been asking me if Santa is real and since I’ve not known quite how to answer I always put it back to them: “What do YOU think?” They always say yes. The questioning got more intense this last week, though, and they’ve been prodding me for specific answers.

So this is what I said “You know how we believe in Fairies, Angels, Spirit Babies and Other Things We Can’t See? We know those are real. So many people believe in Santa that he MUST be real on some dimension. He doesn’t come in our house and put presents under the tree, but I believe he helps all parents each year. He probably helped me find all the presents you guys wanted, helped me find the money to pay for them, and helps me find the inspiration and motivation to make Christmas magical. I believe each year the Spirit of Santa enters into our home from whatever realm he is in and helps us in any way we need. Yes, Santa is very, very real. More real than most people know.”

And I believed what I said. My kids did too. And then they started elaborating on all the ways Santa helps us, like when parents eat the cookies, the magic goes back to Santa and we all benefit. Sounds true to me.
So, Santa doesn’t come down our chimney. He doesn’t expect my children to conform to a certain code of conduct nor does he expect them to repress their emotions. But he loves us very much from his magical dimension and helps us celebrate Christmas each year.

Yes, Santa Claus IS real.

* This blog post was originally published on CTworkingmoms.com