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The Divine Mother Activation

I’ve been talking about the Divine Mother Activation for weeks and it’s finally ready. For many of my Sisters THIS is what we’ve been waiting for ~ or more accurately, THIS is the door we’ve been seeking the whole time. Not only the door to our spirit babies but the door to our HIGHEST selves and Heaven (I don’t say this lightly).

View the video below for more information and come join me in exploring the TRUE taste of freedom that we’ve been yearning for our whole lives…

Divine Mother Activation and 30 Day Surrender Program: $44

This program is part of the Mystery School Teachings and includes:  A one-hour video called Prepping for your Divine Transformation, a 20 minute activation/meditation (to be done daily or semi-daily) and 30 days of emails (some include short videos).

Dear Sister, this is TRULY what it’s all about.

Note: Participation in the Divine Mother Activation is CURRENTLY CLOSED as the first wave of Sisters complete their 30 days. The next session will be available sometime in March (check back for dates). If you want to be a part of the next wave, email me at katestreet@comcast.net to reserve your spot. In preparation for the Divine Mother Activation the following resources are recommended:

* “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know,” book

* The TTC package and/or a personal reading with me.

* Self-Love Part 1 and Part 2 videos

You can also invite the Divine Mother in and say you are preparing for this activation and ask her to show you what you need. She will always respond. Much LOVE to you!

“What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know”: Table of Contents

Sisters! I’m SO excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my FIRST BOOK within the next couple of days! I titled it after my most popular blog post and have included ALL the information from ALL my videos. It will eventually be available on Amazon, but there’s so much friggin’ hoop-jumping to go through and I don’t want to wait any longer, so I”ll be making it available here exclusively first as an e-book. It’s a new energy creation, a portal to the new world, and it’s absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself!  I couldn’t be more GIDDY about it! I’ll let you know more about it when it’s ready, but in the meantime here’s a glance at the table of contents.



Chapter 1:  Introduction to the Spirit Baby Realm

Do I Have a Spirit Baby?

The Work of Our Generation

The Spirit Baby Realm

My First Experience of Prebirth Communication


Chapter 2:  Spirit Baby Basics

A Word About Timelines and Intuitives

A Word About Outcomes

Choosing Our Families


Chapter 3:  Prebirth Communication 

Prebirth Communication as Consciousness Expansion

Is this Prebirth Communication?

Strengthening Prebirth Communication






Summing Up

Don’t Forget the Fathers!

Adoption and Prebirth Communication


Chapter 4:  Challenges On the Way to Mothering

Trying to Conceive



Pregnancy After a Loss


We Don’t Have to Earn Our Babies

Healing a Traumatic Birth Experience


Chapter 5:  Spirit Baby Wisdom on Pregnancy and Birth

The Best Pregnancy Advice Ever

Getting Ready for Your Empowered Birth


Chapter 6:  When We Get Prebirth Communication Wrong

When Getting it “Wrong” is the Highest Path



Chapter 7:  Your Vibrational Journey

Awakening to LOVE

What Limitlessness Looks Like

Frequency Jumping

It’s Really About Self-Love


Chapter 8:  Physical Considerations


Fatigue and Exhaustion

Weight Gain

Food Matters, Until it Doesn’t


Chapter 9:  Dark Night of the Soul


Chapter 10:  Working with the New Energy

The Magic of a Limitless Life

How it Feels

How it Looks

Limitless Pregnancy and Birth

Am I Bat-shit Crazy?

We Don’t Have to Wait


Oh, and did I mention it’ll be the LEAST EXPENSIVE thing available on my site? All my info for the cheapest price ~ feels crazy but perfect!

Click HERE to buy the book.