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Hello Sisters ~ Just a quickie to let you know there is another new page here on Love from Baby called “Spirit Baby Dreams (and Signs)”. This is a page just for YOU where you can share the dreams and signs you’re getting from your spirit baby and read other’s experiences as well. There are three lovely experiences there already, please feel free to add yours!

And due to popular request the “Messages from the Womb” Meditation is now available again as a stand alone product. This meditation helps you strengthen (and believe!) your connection and communication with your Spirit Baby and also gets you in touch with the signs he/she is sending you. Check it out.

Also Episode Two of the New Earth Mama Membership video series is now available. In this video I talk about the current energies of the month, how this Winter Solstice brings with it a blossoming, how our sleep might be affected through vivid dreams and “work” being done to us at night and much more. I also answer the questions re: “Are our husbands on the same spiritual journey we are?” “What are the things I need to do to bring in my Spirit Baby?” and more.

You can sign up for the New Earth Mama Membership here.

Happy Solstice, Sisters!

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New Earth Mama Membership!

Dear Sisters ~ Here’s more support and energy updates as you fulfill your role as a New Earth Mama. I’ll be doing a monthly video with energetic updates from the Spirit Baby realm as well as answering up to 5 questions a month. It’s $25 a month and I do believe it will be AWESOME. Watch the vid for more info. If you KNOW this is for you and you have a question you’d like answered in the first video, post it in the comments or email me at katestreet@comcast.net. I’m taking questions NOW for the first installment. ♥