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  1. kallurisailabala@gmail.com
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 20:49:36

    Hi Kate..
    iam really moved when i first saw ur website.

    and i subscribed to ur love notes..
    and i can say i just love it
    with lots of thanks and love…and wish everything goes well…


  2. Beth
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 18:13:14

    I am a long-time reader and occasional commenter on Denise’s blog Transitions. (My WordPress name is balsamicmoon.) I am not pregnant, nor do I have any conscious intentions of becoming pregnant in the near future, but I have been fascinated by prebirth communication for years and I have had a few experiences that have led me to believe at least one being wants to communicate and eventually incarnate through me, but only if I develop myself more spiritually. I haven’t communicated directly with this being, but I received a clear message during meditation many months ago that he exists and he is interested. (I’ve questioned my impressions of the gender, since, but I still believe the being is male.) Goodness, this has been awkward to write publicly. Do you mind if we exchange e-mail addresses?


  3. Erundina
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 09:38:21

    I was exactly talking about this with a friend yesterday, and now I found about it in your blog! I love when that happens! This is so awesome!


  4. Daisy
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 14:46:59

    Good topic, this is going to help a lot of people get the whole concept of something maybe they previously didn’t understand. You opened my eyes a bit and I have to say that I’m looking forward to becoming pregnant to sign up for your Love Notes! :)


  5. Cícera
    Apr 20, 2012 @ 14:29:54

    Nice blog, Kate! It feels a little magical in here. ;)


  6. Daiara
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 15:33:31

    This information needs to be passed to other people, and I will definitely do it!


  7. Carmen
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 19:54:27

    had never heard about something like this. thanks for sharing it.


  8. Ryan
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 20:27:42

    I was trying to sign my wife up for the love notes from baby but when I enter her name and email it refreshes with a page that says 404 page not found. We are pregnant with our second and I think she would love this. Could you help me please. Thanks


  9. Kate Street
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 00:23:04

    Ignore the error button ~ you are signed up! And congrats!


  10. Ryan
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 05:26:12

    Thank you Kate,

    Do you have my wife’s email from the form submittal or should I send?


  11. Carrie Ahr
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 23:33:22

    Your “About Kate” made me like you and perhaps trust you even more! Hearing about your son’s and your choice in unassisted birth, your conscious pre-birth work, unschooling, and honoring yourself and others through authenticity I very much identify with! I feel a bit giddy about finding soul kin :)


    • Kate Street
      Sep 05, 2013 @ 01:52:33

      Carrie! Thank you so much! I LOOOVE this comment! So pleased to meet a soul-sitser! ♥


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    Feb 02, 2014 @ 16:17:20

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  13. What ALL Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 16:22:14

    […] About Kate […]


  14. Karen Herbert
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 19:58:31

    Ur words are so comforting. My story is that I got my tubal ligation on December 2013 to be surprised with a surprise pregnancy three months later in March of 2014. The pregnancy was healthy and so was my lil baby. Last month we went for a gender ultrasound to only find out that my little healthy baby had passed away. I was so heartbroken. I delivered him on June 27, 2014 and named him Jonathan Lee. We had a small service for him and burial. I am hoping I will be able to conceive again even though I had my surgery I still got pregnant with Jonathan. I am hoping I will again have another baby. But I know Jonathan physical body is not here but I know he will always be with me.


  15. Anusha
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 03:35:20

    My story is tat I delivered my second baby boy on Dec 2014. Life was so beautiful wit two boys and suddenly things changed overnight with my little one suffering from Vitamin K Defciency bleeding in brain. We struggled a lot to save him even though the doctors advised us to let him go, we treated him but he left us. Now im totally devastated. I want my little son back again. Im waiting for him to come back. Will he come back to me as my son ? Will his soul hear me and understand my suffering? Ur website got me little hope


  16. Maria
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 20:00:58

    Hi Kate,

    I feel so lucky and blessed to have found your site today! Nothing is coincidence. I have a question since I had a (chemical pregnancy) very early miscarriage 8 years ago and have been TTC pretty much since then…Do those miscarried souls have a gender, name or age in the spirit realm?

    Thank you and looking forward to finding more information on your site. Love and light.



  17. Faith Angellie
    May 04, 2015 @ 00:58:12

    I find those stories really inspiring, I’ve lost my baby girl this year March 12,2015, Due to incompetent cervix 5 months. I felt like dying everyday, wishing i could turn back time. I always longing for my baby, then sometimes I dream that I had a bby who is healthy and smiling.. I wish my baby come back to me in time. Sometimes i feel cold in the middle of the night (the fact that its summer and wits too hot) i wish i could communicate with my baby.. I dont know when will be the right time, but i wish it would be soon, thanks so much for wonderful advise that you gave.


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