Conscious Abortion

Vlog: Spirit Baby Series Part 3 “Loss.”

Book: What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know

Conscious Abortion Video:

The “Conscious Abortion” video provides the most beautiful perspective you’ll ever hear about abortion, straight from the mouth of the Spirit Baby Realm.

A topic that is fraught with emotion, judgment, guilt, and sometimes regret, the Spirit Babies want to ease the hearts of those that are either contemplating abortion or have had an abortion in the past.

Like all experiences of loss, abortion can act as a catalyst and a heart-opener. Just because this is a loss that includes choice, does not make it any easier. In fact, in some ways abortion can be among the toughest kind of loss because it also involves so much guilt and regret.

In this paradigm-shifting video, the Spirit Babies will ease your mind and your conscience. They will tell you how this can actually be a wonderful opportunity if you are open to it. So if you’re contemplating abortion or have unresolved feelings about an abortion you’ve had in the past, this video will open your heart to the gifts that are being offered to you right now.

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