What Your Child Wants You to Know

The New Children coming in are BIG bull-dozers of LIGHT! And there are certain TRUTHS these children carry within them that we need to be aware of so we know how to best parent them. They are coming in carrying more of the vibration of HOME and they know EXACTLY what they came here to do…so let’s let them do it. Better yet, let’s PARTNER with them to help create the New Earth. You, my Dear Sister, have a very important and very beautiful role as a Family of Light. I honor you.

(This info is relevant for ANY parent watching, no matter if your child is 2 months old, 12 years or 20 years old!)

Topics covered in this video:

* Your child’s purpose in this incarnation

* Why recent troubles (school-shootings and teen suicide) have happened and why that time is now OVER.

* Don’t enforce limited beliefs/fears in your child.

* Be prepared for life to look VERY different than what you thought.

* The importance of PLAY, JOY, and PARTNERSHIP.

* Preserving your Child’s vibration and DIVINTY.

What Your High Vibrational Child Wants You to Know: $25.00