Mystery School

New Earth Mama Mystery School Teachings

This page is dedicated to the New Earth Mama who is ready for specialized information when it comes to spirit babies, trying to conceive, pregnancy, relationships, and the whole spiritual journey of mothering these new, amazing children. (I HIGHLY recommend you read my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know” FIRST so you have a solid background for these mystery school teachings.) You won’t find this information anywhere else, Sister.

Videos will be added on a regular basis.

Non-Linear Pregnancy: $15.55

This mystery school teaching delves into something that is becoming more and more common in this transformative energy. We’ll discuss false negative and false positive pregnancy tests, “phantom” pregnancy symptoms, cryptic pregnancy, and how even if you’re not “biologically” pregnant, you’re CERTAINLY “energetically” pregnant with your spirit baby.

Age and Pregnancy: $25.00

This is a two-part video with information about age and biology that will totally rock your world and expand your mind. If you’re worried you’re getting “too old” to have a baby, this video will help you chuck out that old worn-out notion of the biological clock and step into your LIMITLESSNESS.

Transcending Fertility Issues (With Our Evolving Biology): $15.55

In this video we talk about how our biology is returning to it’s pristine DIVINE state, overwriting any old limited and faulty programming that’s keeping us stuck and frustrated. Our bodies are truly becoming self-sustaining, self-correcting, and anything “wrong” with our reproductive health will dissolve in this new reality.

The Divine Relationship (or Helping Our Husbands Catch Up!): $15.55

If you find yourself ever wanting to hit your husband in the head because he’s still aligned with the old energy shit, this Mystery School teaching is for you, Sister. It speaks of why we are slightly ahead, why he’s playing the role he’s supposed to be playing and how we can help him catch up without making him “wrong.” A HUGE relationship upgrade is on tap!

The Divine Mother Activation (the MOTHER of all Mystery Teachings): $44.00

This is for my Dear Sisters who have been trying to conceive for a while and know they can’t take one more step in the same direction. If you’re on the verge of a breakdown, the Divine Mother Activation is your breakthrough. It will change not only your trying to conceive experience, but your whole life.

This program includes:  A one-hour video called Prepping for your Divine Transformation, a 20 minute activation/meditation (to be done daily or semi-daily) and 30 days of emails (many include short videos), as well as a discussion page with full access to me and your other sisters. There are other surprises in store which you’ll discover along the way as well.

Dear Sister, this is TRULY what it’s all about.

Note: Participation in the Divine Mother Activation is CURRENTLY CLOSED as the first wave of Sisters complete their 30 days. The next session will be available sometime in March (check back for dates). If you want to be a part of the next wave, email me at to reserve your spot. In preparation for the Divine Mother Activation the following resources are recommended:

* “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know,” book

* The TTC package and/or a personal reading with me.

* Self-Love Part 1 and Part 2 videos

You can also invite the Divine Mother in and say you are preparing for this activation and ask her to show you what you need. She will always respond. Much LOVE to you!