TTC Mystery School

New Earth Mama Mystery School Teachings for those who are TTC

This page is dedicated to the New Earth Mama who is ready for specialized information when it comes to trying to conceive these amazing new high vibrational children. (I HIGHLY recommend you read my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know” FIRST so you have a solid background for these mystery school teachings.) The journey to Motherhood isn’t always straightforward and as we spiritual evolve, it can even become downright bizzare! But it’s all Divinely orchestrated and working out for our highest good. You won’t find this information anywhere else, Sister.

Videos will be added on a regular basis.

Non-Linear Pregnancy: $15.55

This mystery school teaching delves into something that is becoming more and more common in this transformative energy. We’ll discuss false negative and false positive pregnancy tests, “phantom” pregnancy symptoms, cryptic pregnancy, and how even if you’re not “biologically” pregnant, you’re CERTAINLY “energetically” pregnant with your spirit baby.

Transcending Fertility Issues (With Our Evolving Biology): $15.55

In this video we talk about how our biology is returning to it’s pristine DIVINE state, overwriting any old limited and faulty programming that’s keeping us stuck and frustrated. Our bodies are truly becoming self-sustaining, self-correcting, and anything “wrong” with our reproductive health will dissolve in this new reality.

The Divine Relationship (or Helping Our Husbands Catch Up!): $15.55

If you find yourself ever wanting to hit your husband in the head because he’s still aligned with the old energy shit, this Mystery School teaching is for you, Sister. It speaks of why we are slightly ahead, why he’s playing the role he’s supposed to be playing and how we can help him catch up without making him “wrong.” A HUGE relationship upgrade is on tap!