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Year End Messages of MASTERY

Hello Sister,

It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been in touch. I’ve been deep in embodiment of my God Self (as we all are) and it’s required my undivided attention. I do have some messages that I want to share for those interested however, and I put a new video on my sister site, katestreet.love.

Follow this link to view the 30 minute video.

For those looking for more guidance into Mastery for the upcoming New Year, I must recommend my life-changing best-sellers ~ they’re magical and paradigm shifting (and more than anything else the spirit babies want us in a new mind set).

If you’re new to the spiritual journey or have had challenges on the way to Motherhood, ready my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know.”

If you’re DONE with the frustrating loop of Trying to Conceive and are ready to claim your spirit baby AND your TRUE SELF, the Divine Mother Activation is for you.

If you’re already a parent and wondering how best to support your New Earth child, invest in the video “What Your High Vibrational Child Wants You to Know.”

Your truly have EVERYTHING you need inside you, but it’s helpful to have a little direction and encouragement, especially when navigating the new and unknown.

I send many blessings for a MIRACULOUS New Year for all of us.

With LOVE and Divinity,


Pregnant “Against All Odds” and Four Private Readings Available

Sharing the wonderful pregnancy announcement of a Divine Mother Activation graduate who was told her eggs were “low quality.”

I am making space to do four Private Sessions/Personal Readings this month of October on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested email me at katestreet@comcast.net to tell me your issues/concerns and I’ll see if I can help you or steer you in a clearer direction. All Private Sessions are $225.

Visual Activations from Your Spirit Baby AND the Divine



Dear Sisters,

We are in a powerful energetic gateway right in the midst of eclipse season. Triggers WILL be on the rise (and I talked in depth about how to handle them in my last Hot Mess Sunday Sermon). It’s up to us not to BELIEVE what they’re telling us, not to FLINCH. It’s time to stand TALL in our TRUTH, no matter what is presenting itself in so-called “reality.”

To help with this, the spirit babies are asking me to share a board I made on pinterest awhile ago ~ it was spontaneous and inspired, the spirit babies showing me the most “activating” of images that would help spark the remembering of TRUTH. THEIR truth AND yours. This is the SPIRIT BABY REALM. 

Create a sacred space in quiet moment to take in all the visual cues they want you to savor. It will be chill-inducing.

Furthermore, the Divine Mother is also asking me to share another spontaneously created pinterest board I made in a fit of Divine Inspiration, called TRANSFORMATION and ACTIVATION. More than just a collection of pretty pictures, the fractals and sacred geometry speak to us on a higher level. I’m being told viewing the pictures will help aid our DNA in it’s current upgrade.

Stand TALL, Sisters, no matter WHAT you’re going through. It’s a time of inner stillness and retreat so we can hear the the TRUTH that is now making itself known in the physical.

SO much LOVE,


Recommended resources for life-changing, paradigm-shifting FULL transformation:

Book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know.”

The 30 Day “Divine Mother Activation.”