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It’s TIME for the New Earth Mamas (That means YOU)

Hello my Dear Sisters!

Perhaps you’re surprised to hear from me, as it’s been quite awhile ~and you’re most likely aware that I’ve retired from the Spirit Baby Realm~  but I’m coming here to share the conversation between me and Belle Tozer (I introduced her here as the New Spirit Baby Intuitive).

I just freaking LOVE Belle. As I say in the beginning of the following video, “Talking to Belle is like talking to myself, and I must really like talking to myself!” Seriously, though, her wisdom is in complete alignment with mine and it’s so wonderful to hear someone speaking my EXACT language.

I’ll be sharing a couple of conversations we’ve had in recent months here on Love From Baby, beginning with the one below.

And I also want to let you know that much of the best content I created in years past (which is more relevant than ever) is being up-cycled with Belle’s own AMAZING creations. She and I decided to keep it very affordable so that no one is excluded from communicating with their babies. So listen to our conversation below and check out our new collaboration.

Much LOVE!

~ Kate


Meet the New Spirit Baby Intuitive!

Hello Dear Sisters (old and new),
When I knew my contract with the Spirit Realm was coming to end, it was bittersweet. I knew it was time to move on but I felt there was such a void that had to be filled for this beautiful and important work. So I was beyond THRILLED when one of my former clients contacted me when she heard I was “retiring” and said she’d been instructed to pick up the torch. Her name is Belle Tozer and I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about her. More over, she was a name that always stuck out to me when I was doing the spirit baby work. When I wrote my book I knew she was one of the women I was writing it for.  Years later, it seems we had an agreement on the higher planes together that she carry on the work while I support her from the side-lines. And it’s an agreement I seriously could not be happier about!
I encourage you to meet Belle in the links below:
This is the story she sent me back in March of 2019. It is SO freakin’ inspiring:
Here is a podcast link to Belle’s Full Story
Here is a link to her website where she offers Spirit Baby Readings.
Support this important work and receive AMAZING spirit baby info by becoming a patreon of Belle’s.
And learn more of the work we are doing together. Below is the first partner podcast we did (and there will be a lot more content available for her patrons).
I am so excited to offer Belle to you. You will absolute LOVE her, so join her as she guides the next generation of mothers to their waiting spirit babies.
So much LOVE,

Year End Messages of MASTERY

Hello Sister,

It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been in touch. I’ve been deep in embodiment of my God Self (as we all are) and it’s required my undivided attention. I do have some messages that I want to share for those interested however, and I put a new video on my sister site, katestreet.love.

Follow this link to view the 30 minute video.

For those looking for more guidance into Mastery for the upcoming New Year, I must recommend my life-changing best-sellers ~ they’re magical and paradigm shifting (and more than anything else the spirit babies want us in a new mind set).

If you’re new to the spiritual journey or have had challenges on the way to Motherhood, ready my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know.”

If you’re DONE with the frustrating loop of Trying to Conceive and are ready to claim your spirit baby AND your TRUE SELF, the Divine Mother Activation is for you.

If you’re already a parent and wondering how best to support your New Earth child, invest in the video “What Your High Vibrational Child Wants You to Know.”

Your truly have EVERYTHING you need inside you, but it’s helpful to have a little direction and encouragement, especially when navigating the new and unknown.

I send many blessings for a MIRACULOUS New Year for all of us.

With LOVE and Divinity,