It’s TIME to Stop Miscreating: Featured Post

My Dear Sisters, SO many of us on the spiritual path have been getting the same messages in our intuition and in our dreams the past week or so, and the message is a succinct: “IT’S TIME.”

We are being called up to step FULLY into our NEW roles on our NEW path. The more we ignore this inner prompting, the harder the challenges will get.

In that light, I’m featuring a post I did earlier this year that talks of the period of miscreation (from 2012 until the beginning of THIS year), how it served us, and how it’s truly OVER. It’s time to get out of the karmic loop of frustration, struggles, and suffering.

Watch the featured video “It’s Time to Stop Miscreating” and take it to heart.

If you feel you need added support and guidance to get out of your karmic loop, two QUANTUM tools (they go beyond time and space) are the book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know” and the 30 day Divine Mother Activation. These two powerful sacred offerings will END to karmic loop of trying to conceive and place on a NEW, TRUE timeline that reflects your TRUTH and your DESIRES.

Use this time now to BECOME YOUR NEW, TRUE SELF! It’s TIME. Seriously…