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VERY Powerful Spirit Baby Webinar (and it’s free)


For those of you who missed Belle’s latest webinar, she’s made it available for replay. Watch it HERE.

I just watched and it made me teary.

I continue to be SO happy and thrilled to have Belle picking up the spirit baby intuitive torch, continuing to spread the BEAUTY and TRUTH of spirit baby communication. As she says in her webinar, 25 years from now EVERYONE will be communicating with their babies before bringing them in through conscious conception, and right now we need those pioneering women who are LEADING the way to PAVE THE PATH for the others coming afterwards.

I started on my own spirit baby journey back in 2003 and then started helping other mamas connect with their babies in 2007. This work was sacred and very personal to me and took up a great amount of my energy for many years. My contract with the spirit baby realm was completed in 2019 and it was time to focus solely on my own enlightenment and ascension. Even though I knew it was time for me to retire direct involvement with the spirit baby realm, it wasn’t easy.What made it easier was when Belle contacted me, saying she had just picked up the Spirit Baby Contract and was available to continue the work.

To hear my own beliefs and truths echoed in Belle’s wisdom is BEAUTIFUL to me. If you’ve ever resonated with my words, you’ll also resonate with Belle. The TRUTH speaks to our Soul.

In this webinar she shares her own story of her miracle conception (after 8 years of trying), and relays so much wisdom that will empower you on your own journey. You’ll get chills, you’ll be activated, and your Soul (and spirit baby) will sing in CELEBRATION.

And now I’m speaking to those who’ve followed my work for years and still haven’t gotten pregnant…it’s TIME to set yourself FREE.

As Belle says in the webinar, we can’t guarantee pregnancy, but if you do the work you can free yourself from the loop of stuckness and frustration. We can guarantee a shift in your mind-set (which your biology will inevitably HAVE to follow) and an expansiveness in your whole being. And it’s from this SHIFT that everything changes, and ANYTHING can happen…especially the impossible.

For those of you pioneering women who HAVE gotten pregnant seemingly miraculously and/or after many years of trying (and I know there are SO many of you) please share your stories to aid those coming behind you to know what is possible, even against all odds.

No more playing small, no more being stuck, you owe it to yourself to LIVE your HEART’S Desire.

Watch Belle’s webinar HERE.


P.S. The Q & A portion at the end of the webinar is EXTREMELY POWERFUL!



This Is The Year You Will Get Pregnant

Happy New Year, Dearest Sisters!

I’m letting you know that Belle Tozer (the new Spirit Baby Intuitive who took up the torch when I retired) is running another free webinar on January the 22nd, in preparation for the next 12 week Conscious Conception Journey.

You can sign up for the free webinar HERE.  (For those not in the Australian time zone, replays will be available.)

To learn more about the 12 week course, Conceive with Cosmic Consciousness, click HERE.

Conceiving in Multidimensional Consciousness

I’m back again, Dear Sisters. Even though I am officially retired from the Spirit Baby Realm, I’ll be coming back here periodically to share with you the latest news with Belle Tozer (the New Spirit Baby Intuitive) and our shared projects.

I’m SO grateful to Belle, for not only picking up the torch where I left off, but also doing an AMAZING job upcycling my past creations with hers. And as I’ve said before, they align perfectly. If you missed our New Earth Mama conversation that I shared in the last post, you can watch it here.

For those of you trying to conceive, I’m so pleased to direct you to a free webinar Belle is hosting later this week, which will share the latest wisdom on how to conceive in multi-dimensional consciousness. It’s a live webinar but for those who are not in the Australian time zone, replays will be available. As I said before, this is a free webinar, but there will also be an opportunity to work with Belle one-on-one afterwards for those who desire the added guidance and validation.

Miracles are abounding, Sisters, from women who are conceiving well into their 50’s, to lost spirit babies coming back as grandchildren, as well as women who “gave up” on their ttc journey to only FINALLY become pregnant. We’re in an accelerated time of growth and expansion right now, where things that were once impossible indeed are not only possible now but inevitable. Below is Belle’s text and link with the information. Please share with anyone you think may benefit.


~ Kate



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✨ The Body-Mind Alignment Needed For Conscious Conception – Learn how to align your entire being for this sacred journey.

✨ How To Connect Your Heart To Your Womb To Open The Doorway For A Spirit Led Conception – Tap into the profound connection between your heart and womb.

✨ The Simply Profound Way To Communicate With Your Spirit Baby – Explore the beautiful world of spirit baby communication.

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of conception and the spiritual dimensions surrounding it, this webinar is for you.

Save the date: September 14th – 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, replay available
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