Families of LIGHT

Wise New Earth Child and Mama

Another precious (short) video of a Family of Light in action (shared again by my friend, Kimberly). I had conversations like this with my boys when they were small. I remember once my 3 year old telling me re: his baby brother, “Just let the baby do what he wants. He’s a baby and needs to explore.”

The mother in this video is great because she really listens to her son and adds her own wisdom. It’s a GORGEOUS exchange! And yes, I got teary again. New Earth Families make me emotional, what can I say?

Much LOVE to you Mamas!

Oh! And Belle Tozer (the New Spirit Baby Intuitive) has a new facebook page. Go check her out, she’s AMAZING.

The New Earth Children In Action

My Dear Sister, Kimberly Smith, shared this short gem with me this morning and I was SO moved that I HAD to share it here with all of you New Earth Mamas.

This is the awareness that the New Earth Children are coming in with. And BLESS this Dad for believing her and doing his best. A TRUE Family of Light.

Full disclosure: I started crying at minute 1:18.

Enjoy Sisters.

“What Happened to Kate?”

Where the hell have I been? Watch the video to find out!

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I love you!