Meet the New Spirit Baby Intuitive!

Hello Dear Sisters (old and new),
When I knew my contract with the Spirit Realm was coming to end, it was bittersweet. I knew it was time to move on but I felt there was such a void that had to be filled for this beautiful and important work. So I was beyond THRILLED when one of my former clients contacted me when she heard I was “retiring” and said she’d been instructed to pick up the torch. Her name is Belle Tozer and I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about her. More over, she was a name that always stuck out to me when I was doing the spirit baby work. When I wrote my book I knew she was one of the women I was writing it for.  Years later, it seems we had an agreement on the higher planes together that she carry on the work while I support her from the side-lines. And it’s an agreement I seriously could not be happier about!
I encourage you to meet Belle in the links below:
This is the story she sent me back in March of 2019. It is SO freakin’ inspiring:
Here is a podcast link to Belle’s Full Story
Here is a link to her website where she offers Spirit Baby Readings.
Support this important work and receive AMAZING spirit baby info by becoming a patreon of Belle’s.
And learn more of the work we are doing together. Below is the first partner podcast we did (and there will be a lot more content available for her patrons).
I am so excited to offer Belle to you. You will absolute LOVE her, so join her as she guides the next generation of mothers to their waiting spirit babies.
So much LOVE,