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Divine Rewiring in Process/ONE Golden Egg

Belle’s Story: ONE Golden Egg

Dearest Kate,

I did your Divine Mother Activation last year when I was going through my first Natural Cycle IVF. I have been following along your blog for a few years now, read your book and watched plenty of your videos and activations. Despite others trying to warn me of my eventual failure to become a mum, to help me not get my hopes up, I always 100 percent believed my baby was real and coming. That belief never wavered.

After 8 years of calling him in, my spirit baby told me in a dream he wanted to be born through natural cycle or minimal cycle IVF – a previous absolute no go for me, an unexplored option.

So many synchronistic events played out for that first IVF cycle. It was as if a magic carpet had directed me to every destination. I was surrounded and supported by absolute magic.

I was doing the DMA at the time and everything felt aligned. You can imagine my crushing heartache when that cycle failed to produce any fertilised eggs. I didn’t even have the chance to hold an embryo in my body. I was devastated.

In the process of that first cycle I wanted to approach IVF with joy, wonder, love and gratitude. I wanted to welcome the medication into my body with grace, gratitude and magic. A miracle meeting of science and spirit coming together. I wanted to honour and love every moment. I wanted to let go of all the stories I had chosen to believe about IVF. I realised my babies final gift to me was to help me let go of dogma and old beliefs I was carrying about IVF.

I began looking for an online program, a meditation series where I could welcome the magic of the medication, direct my body to select the most adventurous and healthy eggs. I wanted to talk to my ovaries, pituitary gland my whole endocrine system and share what was happening.

This program didn’t exist. So I created it.

After creating all this and sharing the magic with my soul for the first cycle not to work I was like WTF universe. I FUCKING HATE YOU.

The gifts of that cycle not working was the depth of absolute grief I experienced. I was completely blindsided by that grief. The grief slapped me back to 3D reality instantly, It also teleported me to a place of magic. The meditation series I created would have been missing a crucial layer of depth had I conceived the first time. That grief was a tremendous gift, a spiritual package of raw downloads to help thousands upon thousands of women who are yet to undertake the journey. Papas too.

Before cycle number 2 I had a dream. I was with my spirit baby and we were in my ovaries. Millions of eggs were swaying and my little boy who was holding my hand yelled out who wants to be me. All the eggs parted and bowed to one golden egg which raised up from the rest. The egg was encased in a gorgeous box and a goddess walked the egg down and handed the box to my little boy who beamed at it with love and gratitude.

Fast forward to cycle 2

Cycle number 2 resulted in one fertilised egg. ONE GOLDEN EGG. The fertility clinic were very negative about going through all that and only having one egg. But I knew it wasn’t just any old egg.

That one golden egg was transferred into my womb.

And tadah – just like that after 8 years I am pregnant for the very first time.

I bow to your magic dear Kate, I bow to your work, I bow to your service and commitment to the new earth mamas and children.

Deep love to you sister.

With love and blessings




Dear High Priestess, If you’ve yet to be ACTIVATED by the Divine Mother, this is the perfect time to allow you’re inner REWIRING. See you there.

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