TTC Game-Changer Package

The TTC Game-Changer Package


TTC Game-Changer Package:

Dear Sisters, If you’re at the end of your TTC (Trying To Conceive) rope, then get ready! This TTC package is not just product, it’s a GAME-CHANGER, it’s an ENERGY-CHANGER! I’ve loved everything little thing I’ve ever created with the Spirit Baby Realm, but this is more than a product, it’s an EXPERIENCE. I know because I went through the experience myself as I was creating it…and it was nothing short of amazing.

Words can not do this any justice, you’ll just have to experience it yourself. So if you’re ready to change the energy around your TTC journey and start a NEW experience that’s deeply enmeshed with your Spirit Baby, then this TTC Game-Changer Package is for you. 

Included in the TTC Game-Changer Package:

* The “TTC (or why the HELL is this taking so long?)” Spirit Baby video reading.  This reading includes really good news from the Spirit Baby realm about your TTC journey. Just by viewing it, you’re allowing a new,different, and magical reality to manifest in your life. (If you’ve already purchased this video separately, you may choose another video reading.)

* The “How to have KICK-ASS Prebirth Communication” video. This video tells you the ways that Spirit Babies send messages ~ and it’ll show you how you are probably getting messages already even as we speak. The floodgates of prebirth communication will open soon after viewing!

* The “Self Love Part 1 and Part 2” videos. A higher vibration starts with self-love and puts us in the frequency of the higher dimensions AND our spirit babies.

* 21 Days of Spirit Baby Wisdom Messages, For 21 days you’ll receive email messages that will literally change…everything. Encoded in the words, is a powerful energy that will change your perception, expand your view, and introduce you to a New World ~ the world of your Spirit Baby. The power of these messages can not be expressed, only experienced. In 21 days, everything, EVERYTHING will be different. This I know.

* The “Messages from the Womb/Beautiful Birth” Meditations. The “Messages from the Womb” Meditation is a fantastic way to increase the powerful connection between you and your baby. You’ll find that the images you receive from the meditations will mingle with your daily experiences. Women have been known to learn the gender, name, appearance and even preferences of their babies using this meditation. Listen to “Messages from the Womb” as often as you want (I recommend daily or semi-daily). The “Beautiful Birth” meditation is included as a promise from your baby. Set it aside and use them when you’re pregnant….which could be sooner than you think.

If you’re thinking “THIS IS FOR ME! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” then Dear Sister, you are ready. Get ready to have your TTC journey…totally transformed.

The TTC Game-Changer Package $75

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