A New Message and/or New Guide for 2019

Dear Sisters, The INTENSE energy is palpable and it won’t let up, but it IS working in our favor if we COMMAND it. And there is a whole team of unseen Divine Guides that are ready to help us sever the ties of the old so we can FULLY step into our MAGNIFICENCE. Everything we’ve been working towards and working for is able to come into manifestation if we let Divine Will lead the way.

Below is the card my friend, Carrie, pulled for me earlier in the week. It was the perfect validation I needed in that moment and it made me cry. I was so grateful that I was immediately inspired to do the same for others. Find out what message you need or what guide is asking to work with you in this amazing year of transformation and RE-creation.

P.S. Here is the Kryon video I reference.

After payment, I will email your message to you.  It will be presented as the one below.

2019 Card Message/Guide: $10