Blessing Blankies

A Divine Tool straight from the Divine Mother herself, these blessing blankies are a tangible conversation between you and the Divine Mother. She is offering you your miracles (including, but certainly not limited to, your spirit baby) and when you touch it, use it, sleep with it, etc. you are stating your intention to CLAIM those miracles.

Miracles healings reported so far:

* Overnight return of ovulation cycles

* Instantly curing migraines.

* Preventing recurring headaches.

* Curing insomnia.

* Instant allergy relief.

Not to mention one report that says it’s like physically holding LOVE.

Those that are empaths and sensitives will be able to FEEL the weight of the Divine infused in these Blessing Blankies.

Claiming your Blessing Blankie, is saying YES to your miracles, Sister!

It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have done the 30 Day Divine Mother Activation before getting your Blankie, so you can understand the SOURCE behind it and more likely RECEIVE your blessings. But, nothing is impossible for the Divine, so if you have to have one no matter what, go for it…

Blessing Blankie: $30