Collapsing Timelines: TTC and Other Examples

From my point of view, a timeline collapse is recognition of long-held patterns that aren’t serving us anymore AND the conscious awareness to realize we can stop experiencing them NOW.

Anything that comes up for me personally that I find triggering is an opportunity for me to say “NO, I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS ANYMORE!”

It doesn’t mean shit doesn’t happen, but it means my engagement and reaction to it is radically changed.

And from there the energy changes and higher choices effortlessly reveal themselves.

In any moment we’re faced with something that SUCKS and it’s a repetitive SUCKAGE we are supposed to say “NO!” to it now…lest we keep repeating our looping hell.
It’s individual and can happen at any time.

This is especially for my Fellow Warrior Sisters who have been on the path of spiritual awakening for awhile. It’s REALLY time to change things up ~ and it’s in our power and ability. Even more than that, it’s our DUTY. You know who you are, Sister. Let’s collapse the shit outta those old-worn out timelines!

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