Awakening Series


The videos below are supplemental to Part 2 my book “What All Spirit Babies Want Their Mamas to Know” (I highly recommend you read that FIRST before purchasing any of these videos, as the book gives the WHOLE picture that these videos expand upon).

The journey of transformation can be a challenging one, but it’s leading to AMAZING things that we can’t even dream of yet. These videos are like a warm hug from a close friend, assuring you that you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and that everything is happening just as it should.

As you awaken, you raise your vibration to one of unconditional LOVE. That is the vibration that your spirit baby is coming in with. When we can meet them there, not only is parenting more joyful, our experience of OURSELVES is absolutely blissful.

Our spirit babies are coming to build the New Earth. Let’s join them…

Working With The New Energy $10

When you realize that the old ways just don’t WORK anymore, this will help give you a reference on how to DO the NEW.  Also addresses frustrations with the Law of Attraction…


Self-Love Part One $10

Awakening is all about LOVE. Our Spirit Babies REQUIRE unconditional love so they can fully live their true purpose. Indeed the New Earth is being built with unconditional love…and it HAS to begin with the self first.


Self-Love Part Two $10

Some of the MOST IMPORTANT info to help quicken your spiritual journey (I wish I had known all this back when!) This video will raise your vibration just by watching it. I swear…


Dark Night of the Soul $10

Oh, that dreaded Dark Night of the Soul! This video explains what’s happening during it, what you can expect, how to get through it gently and the many gifts involved.


Physical Considerations (or What the HELL is Going On With My Body?!) $10

This video covers alllllll the crap interesting things that our bodies are going through as we consciously evolve. We talk about pain, fatigue, weight-gain, and the dying roles of nutrition and exercise as our bodies become truly self-sustainable.  We’re doing amazing work…even when we’re flat on our asses.


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