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New Happenins’ at Love From Baby

Quick updates about:

* The New Earth Mama Membership which is now OPEN.

* The NEW FAQ section with so much awesome info.

* Love Notes from Baby are back!

Check me out to learn more….



When We’re Feeling Disconnected from Our Spirit Babies….

Today’s post is generously brought to us by donation from our fellow Sister, Barby, and her Spirit Baby ~ thank you, Barby, for your donation, your question and making this day magical for me too. Sisters, I’m really excited to bring you this info. If you’ve been feeling disconnected in any way lately, learn why you should be celebrating. ♥


2014 and The Role of the Spirit Babies and YOU

It has become very clear to me in recent weeks what the roles are of the Spirit Babies AND the Mamas who find me. If you’re on this site I’m talking to you. Watch video to find out what you are supposed to being doing in 2014.