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11/11 Gateway and Spirit Baby Dreams Are On the Rise!


Dearest Sisters, We’ve just entered into a powerful gateway of the 11:11 and perhaps you’ve noticed that your dreams are taking on an even more surreal tone this week. There is no doubt that the Spirit Baby Realm is taking full advantage of this cosmic opportunity to contact their future parents. And know that if you are reading this page it’s because you have recently contacted with your baby through a dream OR you are about to. In essence, this is an invitation from your own Spirit Baby to consciously utilize your dreamtime to communicate with each other.

The tricky thing about dreams though, is that they’re not always straight-forward. Many women come to this site in the first place for help in interpreting a Spirit Baby Dream. So, the babies are going to give us some help today.

If you want to use this powerful energetic week as an opportunity to get to know your Spirit Baby better in dreamtime, use some of these guidelines before falling to sleep:

* Tell your baby that you are open and willing to meet in your dreams.

* Ask that your baby gives you messages in a way that you can understand and easily interpret.

* Ask your higher self/guides/angels/whomever for help in REMEMBERING the dream. We actually may dream of our babies a lot more than we think, it’s just that we forget after we awaken. Intending to remember your dream is a very important step in retaining the information that is given to us. Often-times all you have to say is “I will remember all my dreams upon awakening” and that will do the trick.

* Write down the dream when you wake up and then TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS when deciding what it means. Second-guessing or doubting ourselves clouds our intuition. The more we can believe ourselves, the stronger the communication with our babies becomes.

It’s important to note that the dream messages and signs from our babies always come from a place of absolute love, comfort and peacefulness. If you find that you’re interpreting things in a fearful way, or in a way that promotes guilt, shame, regret and the like, those feelings are coming from YOU to be resolved. More than anything our babies want us to have joyful and peaceful lives full of contentment ~ this is the way of the New Earth and the New Children. We may have work to do to evolve spiritually enough to handle the vibration of these amazing souls coming in, but our babies are here to help us if we want them to. And they’ll be joyfully loving you all along the way.

So, give it a try, Sister, and see what comes up for you and your Spirit Baby during this powerful energetic gateway. And please note that if you are reading this post later than November of 2015 you haven’t missed anything. Any time this post is read an invitation is extended from your Spirit Baby.

For more techniques on contacting your Spirit Baby through dream-time and beyond, purchase the “How To Have Kick-Ass Prebirth Communication” found at the top of this page.

Much LOVE and Sweet Dreams~

♥ Kate

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When We’re Feeling Disconnected from Our Spirit Babies….

Today’s post is generously brought to us by donation from our fellow Sister, Barby, and her Spirit Baby ~ thank you, Barby, for your donation, your question and making this day magical for me too. Sisters, I’m really excited to bring you this info. If you’ve been feeling disconnected in any way lately, learn why you should be celebrating. ♥