Opening Your Gift

I’m SO HAPPY you’re on this page, Sister. It means you’re ready to strengthen your OWN ability of prebirth communication. It means you’re ready to listen to the voice of YOURSELF rather than rely on outside sources. And it means you’re about to get some REALLY AMAZING information from your Spirit Baby!

OPENING YOUR GIFT includes the very popular video reading, “How To Have Kick-Ass Prebirth Communication” and the “Messages from the Womb” and “Beautiful Birth” Meditations.

The video will describe the many ways your spirit baby is communicating with you. The meditation will deepen your own inherent ability to listen to within AND understand all the messages you’re getting.

You’re about to take your own intuitive abilities AND your relationship to your Spirit Baby to a whole different level!

Enjoy, Dear Sister!

Opening Your Gift: $35 ($15 savings)

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