A Different Way to TTC Part 2

This blog post is dedicated to my pioneering Sisters who did the first round of the TTC Game-Changer Package. You’ve changed the energy, Dear Sisters, and you’re free. ♥


“Mama, if you KNEW, without a doubt, that I was coming within the next couple of months, how would you live life differently now?” This was the question posed to you by your Spirit Baby in part one of the “Different Way to TTC” series.

Think about it for a moment. Take a deep breath, relax, and feel into the wisdom of your heart. If you KNEW that your baby would be here within the next few months ~ and there was nothing you needed to do or even COULD do to interfere with the Divine Timing of the processs ~ what would you do? How would you feel? How would you live?

Take another deep breath and feel the energy of your Spirit Baby coming very close. Your Spirit Baby’s energy is so close that it is now mingling with the energy of your Soul. There is an energetic embrace and exchange going on right now between your baby’s energy and your Soul’s energy. Listen with your heart to the wisdom they have to share.

* Your Spirit Baby and your Soul want you to know that you are FREE. You’re more free now than you’ve ever been. If you’ve been pre-occupied, distracted, and/or obsessed with your TTC journey, know that it is time to truly let go of that journey and release it. Your baby IS here. Your baby WILL come. Wipe your mind of the doubt, the frustration, and the impatience. Those feelings were appropriate before, but they are not appropriate now. For you are FREE. You are free to FEEL THE KNOWING in your heart (feel it now, you KNOW it). You are free to have whatever you truly want in your life ~ people, experiences, things. You are free to have all your heart’s desires. Know this. Know you are free.

* With the knowledge of your freedom, comes different ways of being. Imagine that you’ve been in a cage this whole time, and the door has now been opened. That is exactly what has happened ~ and yet, most people get so used to the cage that they don’t even see the open door or know what to do with it, so they just sit there, not knowing a whole new world has opened up. A new world, no matter how wonderful, can be scary at first because it’s so unfamiliar. We’ve been taught to be afraid of the unfamiliar, so again we sit in our uncomfortable cage because it’s familiar. Take the first step and walk out of that damn cage. Be brave, Dear Sister, and walk into the unknown. Allow yourself to feel disorientated and confused at first. Know that if you keep taking steps you’ll easily learn the ways of your new world. It won’t take long. Your Spirit Baby and your Soul are guiding you. Allow yourself to be led. Allow yourself to be cradled. Allow it to unfold beautifully before you. Just take that first step out of your cage.

* You’ll know you’re ready to step out of your cage when you’re ready to try new things. This is where your Soul really starts to shine. There are things your Soul came here to experience, and NOW is the time. Put your hand to heart, Dear Sister, and listen to the desires of your Soul that have been whispering in your ear since your childhood.  Children are innately in touch with their Souls, until they’re taught not to be, and then we forget. It’s time to remember why you came here and what you wanted to experience. Your Spirit Baby wants this FOR you. Your Spirit Baby wants your Soul to be happy. Happy Mamas make happy babies. Remember.

* Follow the JOY. Joy is the true north on your new world compass. If an idea or an experience elicits a joy response from you, you’ll know that your Soul has choreographed it for you and that you should follow it. You’ll find that being joyful actually takes a lot less energy than suffering. But it will take practice until joy becomes your default. Keep doing new things ~ have new thoughts, create new patterns, change your daily routine around. Don’t try to recreate the patterns from your small caged-in life. Joy is BIG and without limits. You are limitless now. Follow your limitless joy.

* Talk to yourself like you believe in yourself. This again take practice until it becomes a default but it feels so much better. When you hear that sad voice in your head say “I’ll never be pregnant. This is taking so long. What am I doing wrong?” affirm instead “I’ll be pregnant soon when the time is right. I trust myself, I trust my baby.” Do this with any negative self talk ~ just redirect it as if you BELIEVE you’re free and as if you BELIEVE that you’re about to get exactly what you want. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

* Dedicate yourself to YOURSELF! You’ve dedicated so much time to your Spirit Baby, which again, was entirely appropriate. Now that you know he/she IS coming, it’s time to truly dedicate yourself to YOU. Dedicate yourself to living freely and joyfully! Dedicate yourself to having exactly what you want because you KNOW you deserve it! Dedicate yourself to exquisite pleasure! To delirious happiness! To sensual food! To hot sex!  To saying YES when you want to and saying NO when you want to! Dedicate yourself to all things decadent and luxurious and beautiful. PLEASURE and JOY are our birth-rights and THAT’S what we came here to experience. This is what your Spirit Baby is coming to experience. We are here to be FULLY ourselves, in our own unique way ~ to play, to laugh, to love. Be you ~ the BIG you ~ and live the life you’ve always dreamed. There is nothing you can’t do. So go DO IT. And know that your Spirit Baby is cheering you on the whole way….


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